Friday, December 18, 2015

Avelyn's Arrival

Well so far our little Avelyn has shown a pattern of making things interesting. We checked in to Vanderbilt at 9pm Tuesday to start the induction process. We were told to hope for an early arrival on Wednesday. Needless to say things didn't work out that way. Avelyn came into the world via csection at noon on Thursday the 17th after 38 hours of labor-21 of which without any progress. 
Her challenges started before her first breath. She was mostly silent and motionless for what seemed like forever-although her daddy lied to me about this fact. Her color was a dusky purple/blue and we endured the silence in terror. Finally we heard a neonatologist shout they needed to insert a breathing tube. And while we knew things were serious we knew at least she would breathe. 
She was then whisked quickly to the NICU for care and stabilization. She was supposed to also have a central line placed through her umbilicus but that also didn't go well. Later that night when I got to finally see her she was over breathing her ET tube so it was removed and she tolerated it well. She then had a couple IVs placed after her first infiltrated. She had to be stuck multiple times to establish each of the IVs. Seeing such a new baby covered with bruises isn't easy. 
Later in the after noon after her echo, we also learned that she has some MAPCAs associated with her tetralogy of fallot/pulmonary atresia. We figured MAPCAs would make her case much more complicated with a less positive prognosis.

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  1. She is absolutely beautiful. I am definitely praying for you and sending good thoughts all your way. Stay strong. :-) Jenn