Saturday, December 19, 2015

Avelyn's first day

I called through the night to check on our girl repeatedly. She mainly did well, she kept up her O2 Sats, rested and kept her IVs intact running her life saving prostaglandins. 

Her sweet daddy was then able to spend the whole morning with her and help her reach some very important milestones- like her first feeding and poopy diaper! He also met with her cardiologists and learned that her MAPCAs look clinically insignificant and her pulmonary artery branches still look good. That with her size makes her a good canidate for skipping the BT shunt sugery and moving straight to full repair. 
The surgery is currently for Tuesday and will have too many challenges and risks to list. She will be on the heart lung machine for at least two hours and will endure more trauma to her little body than most endure in a lifetime. However her prognosis coming out is positive for her to grow into a more normal and healthy life. We have met with her surgeon rice now and have every confidence in him and the Vanderbilt team to truly work God's wonders on our sweet baby girl.
In the mean time she is tasked with learning to eat and trying to rest and grow as much as possible. She has the spirit of a little fighter and seems bound to prove she is a wonder all her own. 


  1. She's beautiful! While she's on surgery it will feel like days pass not hours, as it did with aiden, but the power of positive thinking (prayer) does indeed to wonders. Can't wait for her next update. Congrats Sean and Somer. And Avie ___ Pickel!!

  2. She is precious. My prayers are with you guys!

  3. She is precious. My prayers are with you guys!

  4. Sweet girl!!! I pray that all goes well with the surgery and the healing. Our Lilli is doing well. May you all have time to relax and reflect on God's love and wisdom He gives so freely.

  5. Thinking of you guys! So glad she entered the world so strong!